Le Régiment de Cavalerie de la Garde Républicaine

 Dame Judi Dench

Thais with Judi Dench(shown here with Thais, at East Park RDA)

SLL Ambassadors

Gerard Naprous – Equestrian displays & stunt co-ordinator

Pieric – Equestrian showman & horse trainer

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The Caravan of Hope takes to the road again

Postponement of the project to 2017

It was decided at the AGM of the SLL charity, held in the UK in November 2015, that the Caravan of Hope project planned for departure in May 2016 has regretfully had to be postponed for a year and will now take place in 2017. This is due to lack of funds and sponsorship.

SLL hopes that everyone will understand the difficulties being faced during these hard economic times and counts on your continuing support and sponsorship.

Even though SLL is delaying departure by a year, there has been significant progress  in our logistics. 

  • Thanks to the hard work of the young people and their supervisors from the CER in Elven, Brittany (Youth Detention Centre), as well as the organisation by SLL of a volunteers week-end in May 2015, one of the two horse-drawn carriages is now fully operational.
  • The partnership with the CER in Elven continues, which will enable the second carriage to be worked on and completed during the forthcoming months.
  • The 7 Camargue horses have been acquired by SLL and their respective breeders will continue to look after them for the coming year; SLL will pay for their keep.
  • The 5 Breton draft horses acquired by SLL are continuing with their training as driving horses and are participating locally in Brittany with transporting elderly people or children as part of the training.
  • The lorry acquired by SLL last year has been fitted out with a home-car and is regularly used to transport the Breton draft horses.

SLL’s 2017 project will repeat our tried and tested concepts; we will be working with a greater number of young people, and developing new perspectives and valuable skills.

Our biggest challenge is to integrate disabled participants into our journey with provision for a disabled driver as well as a disabled rider. In 2012 we purchased the two horse-drawn carriages used in the project. This time we will be constructing them ourselves, using apprenticeships for the young people at a centre for further education.

Because we have many Breton links through our French registered office, our draft horses next time will be ‘Traits Breton’. Characteristics of the breed are strength and endurance. Training the horses to harness will also be part of the apprenticeship scheme for the young people.

We look forward to your support!

All donations, large or small, are welcome and will help SLL to get the Caravan on the road in 2017.


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SLL horses at the Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre perform for the Princess Royal

On the 25th September 2014, the Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre celebrated its 25th anniversary with a reception kindly hosted by the Worshipful Company of Loriners and with the presence of Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal. During the evening she presented new bridles to the eight ‘Dancing White Horse’ team, which included four Camargues donated to WSPC by SLL charity.

Photographs of the event were taken by Paul H Lunnon who we would like to thank for giving SLL permission to show them here. For more information go to

For more about the centre and the event, go to then click on Royal visit 25th Sept 2014 in the left hand margin.


Rita (donated in 2012) at the Royal Windsor Horse Show

Rita, the Comtoise, at the Royal Windsor Horse Show on 15 May 2014. Her driver has severe disabilities and they came 4th in their class, with the yellow ribbon to prove it. Our great thanks to Linda from Stella Hancock, herself disabled and who also drives Rita, for the photos. HRH, the Duke of Edinburgh, was very impressed by Rita and her dexterity and speed round the cones, given her large size, and it was he who awarded the yellow rosette!!


When dreams come true… Camargue to London

SLL 2012 Caravan of Hope

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The promotional video for the SLL Caravan of Hope 2012.

See more videos on SLL’s YouTube channel


Carte du parcours 2012

Route for the 2012 Caravan of Hope

The SLL White Horses charity is a Franco-British registered charity with humanitarian, social and environmentally conscious aims.
SLL selects horses from the Camargue in southern France from where they are ridden across France and England by a team including disadvantaged youngsters and are finally, after this long 6 month journey of 1800 kms and 85 overnight stops, donated to Riding for the Disabled centres in England and France.
With the experience of the 2005 and 2008 projects, the SLL 2012 Caravan of Hope once again unites young people and horses in aid of children and adults with disabilities.

See a detailed map of the 2012 route >

List of the route stages in France >

Team photo 19 August 2012


In Brittany, receptions in Elven 28 July and Vannes 30 July 2012


Key dates of the successfully completed 2012 project the Caravan of Hope

Departure from the Camargue, south of France – 10 May 2012

Brittany : receptions at Elven and Vannes – 28 & 30 July 2012

Central London – 25 September – 3 October 2012

RDA reception at Wormwood Scrubs Pony Club – Friday 28 September 2012

Reception at French Institute London – Saturday 29 September 2012

01 October  2012 – RDA Centres collect their horses

02 October  2012 – young French and young English leave London for home

October/November – donations of horses to centres in France

The Caravan of Hope in central London – at the end of an epic journey (photos by Ki Price)

Full reports on the Caravan of Hope and more photos: (English blog) (French blog)

A huge thank you from SLL to everyone who participated in or supported the project!

Horses and young people
unite for children
and adults
with disabilities

They need your help!

Help association for children and adults with disabilities