The history and news of the horses participating in SLL projects.

In the first projects of 2005 and 2008, SLL used exclusively Camargue horses, from southern France, selected for their rusticity, endurance and good temperament. In 2005, 4 mares were selected but in subsequent projects and with experience and advice from breeders and the receiving centres, from 2008 on, SLL preferred geldings no younger than 6 years.

In 2012, the idea of using horse-drawn supply wagons meant that a heavier breed was necessary for the task, and SLL purchased 2 Normandy Cobs and 2 Franc Comptois draft horses, to accompany the 6 ridden Camargues (7 in the end, as we gained an extra one along the way!).

The 2008 horses are presented with details of their place of origin and breeder. The first set of photographs was taken with their breeders at work in the Camargue.

Most of the photos show the horses at work & at play in the riding centres they were donated to. These centres use the horses for riding for the disabled and other therapeutic interaction with handicapped people and children.

The horses also participate in other activities at the centres or in competitons; this may include dressage or jumping and the Camargue horse has proved it’s versatility in many fields.

Camargue horses lighten in colour as they age; foals are born black, chocolate or chestnut coloured. Their names start with a letter corresponding to the year of birth, a tradition in France.

For more photos and recent news of the horses, visit our Facebook page where each horse has a photo album.