A White Horses 2008 horse: Muscadeu d’Arbaud (born 2000).

Breeder: Henri et André Palatre, Manade d’Arbaud, Mas Tourblanque, Gageron, 13200 Arles.


Muscadeu was donated in 2008 to the Elisabeth Curtis RDA Centre in Bromham, Bedford, UK.

Some news and pictures of Muscadeu at the 2012 RDA Regional Qualifier at Oaklands College, St. Albans. He behaved impeccably for both of the riders in these pictures. Both girls were entered in the Countryside Challenge, one senior and one junior. Both came 4th in their class, just missing qualifying for the National show by one place!

This scene is one that was taken for a calendar the centre produced. The title of this picture for June was “A unicorn in the garden – it must be a Midsummer Dream!” Muscadeu seemed quite happy to be a unicorn!