A White Horses 2008 horse


Occitan d’Orion (Born 29 May 2002).

Breeder: J-P Persch, Manade du Levant, 13460 Les Stes Maries de la Mer.

Occitan was donated in 2008 to the Centre Médical Rey-Leroux, Brittany, France.

September 2011:

” Occitan has been with us for some years now. Having him has allowed us to expand our intake because he has a template suitable for a large number of children, he is not too big and carries weight. He has a great character and has quickly adapted to disabled children. Now the children ride in the halter to avoid pulling him in the mouth and he reacts very well; he can be ridden in walk, trot and canter by the more experienced riders. This is a great little horse and we are very glad to have him, and the children are very proud to ride to him.”