A White Horses 2008 horse: Perdigau de Layalle (left) (born 2003). Breeder: Monsieur Philippe Michel, Manade de Layalle, D570, route d’Arles, 13460 Stes Maries de la Mer.


Perdigau was donated in 2008 to Cranleigh RDA, UK. In 2009, he participated in a sponsored ride, raising money for the centre.


March 2011: Ponies from Cranleigh Riding for the Disabled made a trip to West Hill Golf Club, Brookwood to see the presentation of a £20,025 cheque to Liz Harrison, Chairman of the Group by Howard House of the Guildford County Club. This represented the splendid proceeds of a Charity Golf Day held by the County Club last October.

Perdigau witnessing the presentation