This is Osiris, one of the horses selected for the 2012 project. He is from Daniel Guillamon in the Camargue; he will be 10 in 2012 and he stands 149,5 cm = 14.3 hands; a huge sturdy Camargue.


Here he is in preparation in the Camargue in May 2012, being long-reined by Luke.

Luke long-reining Osiris May 2012


Osiris has been donated to Brest Equitation, Rue Pierre Maximin Audemar, 29200 BREST.

Osiris donation at Questel Oct 2012

Osiris with Fany and Gwen at Questel Oct 2012


June 2013:

“Osiris is very well; he gives pleasure to many of the young people at the centre.”