Here is Qualitus, one of the horses selected for the 2012 project. He is from Philippe Michel – Mas de Layalle and it is his son Mathieu riding him. He will be 8 in 2012 and is about 145/6 cms = 14.1 to 14.2 hands, a big horse for a Camargue.


Qualitus has been donated to IME LES GENETS D’OR, 29860 Plabennec, where he joins Quito, donated by SLL in 2008.

Photos of his arrival in October 2012:


This is what they said about him a few days after his arrival:

“Everything goes well for Qualitus! He has already grown a bit because at the moment he has not yet been put to work, he is still in “quarantine” (mandatory).

He remains in the field next to the other horses, and what’s funny is that with Quito (White Horses 2008), they are often side by side on both sides of the wire, as if both of them being “camargue ” brings them together ….

Qualitus will join his new friends in the same field next week. At the moment he is admired by everyone at the institute, it is true that he is very beautiful and although everyone loves Quito, we must admit that Qualitus has more “presence”! He is also very bright and as soon as you approach the field, he comes to us. This is a great quality for the “work” that we will ask of him.

I also wanted to tell you that during part of the school holidays, he will go with Katel (the IME instructor riding ) who takes riding in his club for “normal” children. This will allow Qualitus to let off steam a little more than when he is in contact with the children of the IME, where it is necessary that he does as asked and is really attentive.”

In June 2013:

“Katel the instructor told me that he is really nice, bright and “intelligent”, at ease in contact with children … Quito and he adore each other and are most of the time side by side grazing or taking a nap. With the good weather that we finally have, they are really happy and bask in the sun. Life is pretty cool for them because they never work intensively as at a club; they are still living out with the herd… About this, Katel must put them a little on a diet because every blade of grass goes on them, all four! They have very very regular and frequent visits, and there is not a day when we don’t check if they need anything! He obviously gets lots of hugs from the girls who ride (those are the ones who are more comfortable riding). There was some galloping around in the fields, but it was Geronimo who started the others off and Qualitus followed (normal!) but it is not he who caused the mischief!”