A Project 2012 horse: Seth; one of the Camargue horses pre-selected for the 2012 Caravan of Hope. Breeder: André Palatre, Mas de Tourblanques, Gageron, near Arles.

Seth, along with Princesse, has been donated to THE DIAMOND CENTRE for DISABLED RIDERS RDA Carshalton, Surrey.


July 2013:

Seth has come on leaps and bounds and this weekend he is off to the RDA Nationals at Hartpury. He is entered for two freestyle (tests).

We have a full team going this year including one of our new Paralympic hopefuls. The weather here in the UK is very hot at the moment  – has been almost 30C so hoping for good weather this weekend.

Seth has been used regularly in lessons and Tracy, Kate and Hannah have taken him out to shows to compete and to get him used to different sights and sounds. Last weekend he was at Epsom RDA and came third in his dressage test. He was also used for our Diamond Dressage days in May and was used by some of our disabled riders in their dressage tests. Again he did very well and is a great asset to the centre. He boxes up well and is not phased by the different horse boxes and trailers we have used.

Attached are photos I took yesterday  with Tracy during his final training for the Nationals.


The riders are back from the RDA Nationals and Seth did extremely well… for the first time out … considering the number of entries in each class.

Test: Grade V Ch . Horse: Seth D’Arbaud Score: 69.20% Place: 2nd J No. in class: 26

Test: Freestyle walk/trot. Horse: Seth D’Arbaud Score: 76% Place: 3rd J No. in class: 19