Postponement of the next project and ride to 2017.

It was decided at the AGM of the SLL charity, held in the UK in November 2015, that the Caravan of Hope project planned for departure in May 2016 has regretfully had to be postponed for a year and will now take place in 2017. This is due to lack of funds and sponsorship.

SLL hopes that everyone will understand the difficulties being faced during these hard economic times and counts on your continuing support and sponsorship.

Even though SLL is delaying departure by a year, there has been significant progress  in our logistics.

  • Thanks to the hard work of the young people and their supervisors from the CER in Elven, Brittany (Youth Detention Centre), as well as the organisation by SLL of a volunteers week-end in May 2015, one of the two horse-drawn carriages is now fully operational.
  • The partnership with the CER in Elven continues, which will enable the second carriage to be worked on and completed during the forthcoming months.
  • The 7 Camargue horses have been acquired by SLL and their respective breeders will continue to look after them for the coming year; SLL will pay for their keep.
  • The 5 Breton draft horses acquired by SLL are continuing with their training as driving horses and are participating locally in Brittany with transporting elderly people or children as part of the training.
  • The lorry acquired by SLL last year has been fitted out with a home-car and is regularly used to transport the Breton draft horses.