Due to the death of our President Jakki Cunningham, the Caravan of Hope project and ride planned for 2017 will no longer take place.

The horses purchased by SLL for the CofH 2017 are being donated to RDA and equitherapy centres in England and France, as planned, but without being ridden to their new homes. Full details of their placements to follow. The carriages and equipment will also be reused or donated.

SLL’s 2017 project was intended to repeat our tried and tested concepts, working with a greater number of young people, and developing new perspectives and valuable skills. The intention was to integrate disabled participants into our journey with provision for a disabled driver as well as a disabled rider. In 2012 we purchased the two horse-drawn carriages used in the project. For 2017 we  constructed them ourselves, using apprenticeships for the young people at a centre for further education. This took place in Brittany and the carriages were constructed and tested on the road, participating at local events, under the supervision of the French team leader and vice president, Fred Kermel.

Because we have many Breton links through our French registered office, the draft horses purchased for the project, and now being donated, are ‘Traits Breton’. Characteristics of the breed are strength and endurance. Training the horses to harness will also be part of the apprenticeship scheme for the young people.

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All donations will continue to go towards the 2017 Caravan of Hope project and fulfilling its aims; money and support is still necessary to transport the horses and pay for pension and costs.